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programma 1° congresso ISPROD

Smirne Turchia

Venerdi 8 maggio 2020

9,00. Apertura ufficiale del congresso 9H20. Introduzione.

Murat Erbeczi. Président d’ISPROD. Izmir. Turkey

9,30. Neuroscience and Education.

Gonül Peker. Aegean University. Izmir, Turkey.

10,30. Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Learning Styles.

Joel Chevrier. Interdisciplinary Research Center. Paris, France.

11,30. Pausa

12H00. Multisensoriality and Learning.

Celine Cappe. Brain and Cognition Research Center, CerCo, Toulouse, France

13,00. Pausa pranzo

14,30. Effects of Multisensory Integration on Bodily Self-consciousness.

Burak Erdeniz and Ege Tekgün. University of Economics. Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Psychology Department. Izmir, Turkey.

15,30. Procedural learning deficit – a common problem for neurodevelopmental disorders.

Sermin Tukel. University of Economics. Faculty of Health Sciences. Izmir, Turkey.

16,30. Pausa

17,00. Different theories of Dyslexia.

Hande Kesikçi. Aegean University Medical Faculty, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic. Izmir. Turkey.

18,00. Discussion sui temi della prima giornata


18,45. Fine della giornata

sabato 9 maggio 2020

9,00. Dyslexia from a linguistic perspective.

Burcu Ilkay Karaman. Dokuz Eylul University-Izmir, Turkey.

10,00. Ocular Proprioception and Attention.

Daniela Balslev. School of Psychology and neuroscience. University of St.Andrews. United Kingdom.

11,00. Pause

11,30. Proprioception and Dyslexia.

Patrick Quercia. INSERM Unit 1093, Cognition, Action, and Sensorimotor

Plasticity University of Burgundy. Dijon, France.

12,30. Discussion sui temi della seconda giornata.


13,00. Chiusura del congresso.

Murat Erbeczi. Président d’ISPROD. Izmir. Turkey

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Annunciamo la nascita della INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF PROPRIOCEPTIVE DISORDERS (ISPROD) creata congiuntamente da 6 paesi (Portogallo, Italia, Spagna, Francia, Turchia e Marocco).

Associazione senza scopo di lucro ( del tipo legge del 1901 ), i suoi scopi principali sono:

  • Formazione continua,
  • La valutazione delle pratiche professionali,
  • Il finanziamento di progetti di ricerca, rivolti a operatori sanitari e ricercatori,
  • La difesa dei suoi membri,
  • Organizzazione di un congresso internazionale ogni 2 anni.

Il primo congresso si terrà a Izmir, in Turchia, l’8 e 9 maggio 2020, nella sala conferenze dell’Università di Economia di Izmir. Il tema scelto “ From Educational Neurosciences to Specific Learning Disabilities  ” si concentra sui disturbi dell’apprendimento. Il congresso è organizzato in lezioni frontali di 50 minuti seguite da domande.

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corso per laureati in scienze motorie

le influenze sensori-motorie nel sistema posturale: dall’esame clinico alla costruzione di un programma di lavoro rieducativo.

attività motoria – percezione/azione e sistemi sensoriali.

  • obbiettivi corso

sede del corso: Vicenza 28, 29 febbraio 2020


    il tono muscolare e la sua relazione con percezione/azione

    la propriocezione e le sue funzioni

    sensazione e percezione: due azioni differenti

    valutazione pre trattamento tramite i test tonici 


impostazione della strategia di trattamento in base al tipo di soggetto:




procedura per collaborare all’interno di un protocollo riabilitativo\percettivo


materiali idonei in base al tipo di soggetto da trattare ( palline, rulli, elastici)

come utilizzare correttamente le oscillazioni (pedane basculanti )

pianificazione  di una lezione 

quando  utilizzare la vibrazione focale 

ginnastica posturale o propriocettiva 



biomeccanica della respirazione 

come impostare un corretto training di respirazione 


lunedì martedì mercoledì giovedì mattina

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cos’è la propriocezione

La propriocezione è un organo sensoriale (come la vista o l’udito)  che funziona grazie  alla presenza di piccoli sensori,  sensibili all’allungamento e che si trovano in tutti i muscoli (da quelli degli occhi a tutti quelli del resto del corpo).

La propriocezione  funziona sempre in collaborazione con gli altri sensi con i quali costituisce un sistema chiamato posturale poiché il suo ruolo è stato innanzitutto descritto nella regolazione della postura.

 Insieme all’informazione del “senso del movimento” (Prof. A. Berthoz, College de France di neurofisiologia), la propriocezione ha un ruolo centrale in questo sistema poiché essa indica in permanenza al cervello dove sono posizionati gli altri organi di senso.

Il suo ruolo è riconosciuto in tre funzioni:

  • • regolazione della postura,
  • informazioni sensoriali visive, auditive, orali,  ecc.,
  • percezioni sensoriali durante la prima infanzia.

È attraverso queste due ultime funzioni che la propriocezione potrà intervenire nella capacità di lettura ed attenzione.

L’analisi della postura è un mezzo utilizzato per comprendere il funzionamento propriocettivo. Non è di per sé un fine.

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Find Really like Web based

The true secret to finding the ideal lady just for marriage can be with an online dating services program. For any woman who has not yet found the right companion, an online dating service can help her to obtain that will distinctive male or female. There are several online dating products that you may take into account from a various online dating businesses, which will permit you to notice and hear from a number of females on a daily basis.

Online dating gives you an opportunity to explore some women create decisions about your brand new your life this article alongside one another. When ending up in women of all ages, first of all you need to carry out can be come up with a character account that you show prospective date ranges. Advisable is always to speak carefully in addition to evidently while you are making little talk and even witness your patterns, so that you see particular problems that will help you ascertain the best suit.

Family and friends could be a way to obtain help out with determining which in turn females you could night out. It is possible to engage in a casino game named “Who Daters” and discover for those who have connected with virtually any women that you want to meet or marry. You can engage in an identical game on the web and pick the ladies you will be a lot of thinking about. You may even try to play some sort of dating game where you start off simply by requesting their very own contact number and operate your method upwards after that.

Internet dating permits you to spend some time along while not having to be observed in the street. As you are are certainly not in physical form interacting with your partner, you may hang out understanding one another better by way of email or instantaneous messaging. This can be one of the most effective ways to identify a female you want to pay out your lifestyle together with.

If you are looking for real love you would like to meet up with, you might question how you are able to explain to the excellent types in the negative kinds. It is possible to use the Internet to master concerning all of the girls that include taken care of immediately your own ad. Read the ratings the women own discussed all of them. Read through a number of the message board article content plus examine different ladies’ blogposts that you simply believe you might like to talk to.

Holiday seasons can also be important. If you are after a young lady to adopt you on a date for your house warming, you can check your own schedule for an approaching time frame or simply a college dancing or graduation event. A high level00 tiny burned out and want to take a bit of split coming from a lengthy trip to operate, an online online dating service can give you enough time apart that are needed.

What you may are looking for, understand that you ought not have drawn directly into excessive women of all ages simply satisfy the appropriate one. Relatively, you should genuinely have a thing that both of you like carrying out.

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Get a New bride on the Email Order Bride-to-be Record

To discover a star of the event in a great many nationalities, there exists a fantastic demand for mail order brides to be. When the aspire to get a bride on the international spouse could be a trial, it may be much more difficult since it is less readily available another bride-to-be jointly who will be coming from a developed region. The issue may be increased by fact that it is also challenging to separate between two sorts involving brides. For instance , quite a while back, finding a overseas star of the event seemed to be fairly direct to the point mainly because it seemed to be easier to look for a overseas star of the wedding on a mailbox purchase bride list compared to person who is rushing in from a european country.

Abroad wedding brides are definitely more difficult to get over a submit purchase woman record because you do not seriously recognize which to select. The main reason for this is the idea that a majority of all of them come in states wherever they will be betrothed with their personally own countrymen. If this sounds the situation, a traditional western star of the wedding may become a major international star of the event in some many months. The number of foreign brides has increased drastically recently. Because of this folks who suffer from not yet committed on the net may have no other choice than to search for a foreign woman on a record.

In order to find the bride over a snail mail purchase new bride listing, the first thing you have to do is without a doubt commence with an investigation and even discover what sort of person you would like to marry. Depending on your personal preferences, you can either get a traditional star of the event, or perhaps a international star of the event. If you need a conventional new bride, then a standard bride may possibly be described as a conventional bride on the submit order star of the event checklist.

There are birdes-to-be exactly who result from a good Oriental nation and have absolutely already been adopted by a person through some other nation that are actually living in the usa. If you want a overseas star of the event, you can search regarding foreign wedding brides on the email buy new bride checklist.

The next thing would be to find an foreign star of the event on the mailorder star of the wedding listing. This can be executed very easily since the bulk kazakh brides associated with postal mail buy wedding brides these days have a listed email. Yet , you can still find a few international wives or girlfriends who also terribly lack an email correct and also you would have to search for other ways of actually finding them.

Amazing locating a foreign better half on the postal mail buy star of the event list is to use confer with a company. Generally businesses charge monthly cost nevertheless there are other agencies that fee a lower pace. You should find one, you are able to consult additional people whether they have any kind of experiences to be able to locate a overseas wife on a deliver purchase star of the wedding listing.

In conclusion, the net is ideal for finding a star of the event web based. You never really have to set off together with seek for a bride over the internet, also you can use the internet to assist you look for a bride-to-be coming from overseas.

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Find Really enjoy Internet

The main element to finding the ideal girl regarding marriage is definitely with an internet dating system. For your lady who have not as yet identified the proper partner, an internet online dating service will help your ex to obtain of which specialized male or female. There are many online dating services you can give consideration to from a number of online dating sites firms, that can let you look at and even listen to numerous girls every day.

Online dating services will give you an opportunity to experiment with a lot of women and make choices about your brand new daily life in concert. When ever ending up in women of all ages, the vital thing you need to carry out is think of a identity profile that you present to possible dates. A wise idea would be to communicate carefully plus plainly while you are producing tiny discuss plus monitor your current behavior, in order that you discover particular points that will allow you to establish the suitable in shape.

Friends and family can be quite a strategy to obtain aid in figuring out which often females you might like to time frame. It is possible to perform a game referred to as “Who Daters” and find out assuming you have attained virtually any women that you would like in order to meet or even marry. You could perform an identical game on the web and pick the girls you happen to be many interested in. You can even attempt to perform the dating scene to start off simply by asking for their own contact number and after that operate to you upward after that.

Online dating permits you to hang out mutually without having to be seen on the street. As you are generally not bodily interacting with your partner, you can spend time getting to know the other person much better by e mail or even instant messaging. This can be one of the most effective ways to identify a wife you desire to mailorder brides brazil use your lifestyle with.

When you are trying to find available singles you would like to fulfill, you might question exactly how it is possible to explain to the nice ones from the negative kinds. You are able to use the internet here to know about every one of the women who contain taken care of immediately your individual ad. You can read typically the ratings which the girls currently have discussed these people. Study a few of the message forum board articles and reviews together with go through additional girl’s threads you think you might like to speak with.

Holidays are also significant. If you are looking for a young lady to use an individual from a date to your house warming, you can even examine your current appointments to have an upcoming date or simply a college dancing or perhaps college graduation party. If you are a very little consumed with stress and even require a minimal break coming from a longer day at function, an internet online dating service can present you with time apart you need.

Whatever you are searching for, do not forget that you shouldn’t obtain sketched in too many females just to meet the right one. Fairly, you should genuinely have a thing that both of you enjoy performing.

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Laureato in Medicina e Chirurgia presso l’Università di Padova (I) nel 1983

DU in Ortopedia Dento-Facciale. Università di Nantes (F) 1989

Fa parte di un gruppo di lavoro, dell’Associazione Italiana di Ortodonzia nel campo dell’ortodonzia funzionale.

Negli anni ’90 si interessa all’interazione tra la bocca e il resto del corpo.

Segue i corsi dell’AIKA, poi i corsi di M. Clauzade in Francia. Lì incontra Bernard Darraillans osteopata, e Philippe Villeneuve podologo, posturologo, e con loro incomincia a organizzare corsi in Italia sia di Osteopatia che di Posturologia.

Crea così il “Gruppo di Vicenza” formato  da medici uniti dalla passione per i propri pazienti.

Per anni ha seguito i corsi di Osteopatia sia all’Università di Bobigny , sia all’Università di Marsiglia sia quelli impartiti da B. Darraillans , inoltre i corsi di Posturologia prima come traduttore e poi come insegnante.

Grazie a queste esperienze, sviluppa una tecnica personale sul rapporto tra bocca e resto del corpo, creando un nuovo approccio all’ortodonzia.

Nel 1997 diventa Prof. a c. presso l’Università “G. D’Annunzio” di Chieti (I).


Dal 1998 Prof. a c. presso L’Università “La Sapienza” di Roma (I) nel corso integrato di fisiopatologia del piede con insegnamento di “fisiologia del piede e posturologia” nell’ambito del Corso di Laurea in Podologia.

Nella stessa Università dal 1999 al 2004 coordinatore scientifico del “ Corso di Perfezionamento Universitario in Posturologia”.

Nel 1999 presenta a Toronto (Ca ) durante l’ ISPGR la sua invenzione, le ALPH®.

Fondatore e Presidente dell’”Associazione Italiana di Posturologia Clinica e Dispercezione”.

Docente presso il DU PATA Università di Bourgogne

Docente al Master di Posturologia dell’Università di Barcellona (Fundaciò Josep Finestres)

Docente al Master di Posturologia presso la Reale Università Philippus Thuban (Madrid)

Dal 2013 co-responsabile scientifico e docente del Master di Posturologia Un. Di Bologna

Traduttore in Italiano di “Posturologie” di P.M. Gagey e B. Weber

Traduttore in italiano delle “Huites Lessons de Posturologie” dell’Associazione Francese di Posturologia.

Co-autore del libro “Traitement proprioceptive et Dyslexie”

Co-autore del libro “ Dislexia et Disturbios de Aprendizagem”

Autore del libro OCCHIO E BOCCA recettore retino-trigeminale

Libero professionista, svolge l’attività di Ortodontista dal 1983 e si interessa dal 1989 dell’interazione tra l’apparato stomatognatico e propriocezione.

Relatore in numerosi congressi in Italia e all’estero.



Il dottor Marino collabora da molti anni con le due principali scuole di Posturologia mondiali : quella francese attraverso il dott. Pierre-Marie Gagey e quella portoghese attraverso il dott. Orlando Alves da Silva.

Grazie a questo rapporto professionale e di amicizia il dott. Marino ha elaborato una teoria personale sul rapporto tra l’apparato orale e la posturologia. Tale teoria è stata verificata ed accettata da entrambe le scuole, e  viene insegnata in varie Scuole Universitarie.


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